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 Ali's Oriental Rugs started with a man and a vision. that man is none other than Ali Khorasantchi. He was born in Iran, where he was  fully submerged in the world and culture of hand-Knotted  rugs from a young age.

 As time passed, Ali yearned to be in the Oriental rug business , like  his Father and Grandfather, but his father wanted him to become  a banker. Obviously, Ali had other plans .

 After obtaining his formal education at The University of Hamburg in Germany, Ali dove into the eclectic and sometime  daunting world of rugs, and  has not looked back since ! It is now bee over 56 years and Ali still has a passion for the art of hand-Knotted rugs. His business has carried him far and wide to all corners of the globe.

He now resides in Naples, Fl with his wife, Mally Khorasantchi. He owns a gallery in Naples , which caters to both the trade and public. Ali's  Oriental Rugs is still going strong an li has no plans  of slowing down.



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